Captain Hook Is the Latest Character Jude Law Will Make Hot

Thar be handsomeness. Photo: Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

As we know from The Holiday, Jude Law is daddy, but now, daddy will also be Captain Hook. Per Variety, Law is in talks to jump from his hot pope adventures to starring as the villainous pirate in a Disney live-action version of Peter Pan called Peter Pan & Wendy. David Lowery, of the low-key Pete’s Dragon remake, is directing the movie, which is just the latest iteration of so many movie adaptations of Peter Pan. In terms of other Captain Hooks, Law will have to be compared to Dustin Hoffman (in Spielberg’s 1991 Hook), to Jason Isaacs (in P.J. Hogan’s 2003 Peter Pan), and Garrett Hedlund (in Joe Wright’s disastrous 2015 Pan). Though of course, we can’t leave out Christopher Walken in Peter Pan Live! Jude, try to top these dance moves, we dare you.

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Jude Law Is Your (Hot) Captain (Hook) Now