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Justin Bieber Is Rapping Again, This Time With ‘Whats Poppin’ Remix

Okay … go off … !! Photo: Courtesy of @justinbieber/Instagram

When rapper Jack Harlow first asked the world “Whats Poppin” with his latest song, we’re pretty sure it was a rhetorical question. But Justin Bieber has answered the call anyway. On July 13, via his Instagram Stories, Bieber posted a short video of himself rapping a verse on top of the single, teasing yet another remix of the viral TikTok hit. The next day, a minute-long clip of Bieber’s full verse made its way to SoundCloud from an account called THISISCRAZI7777777. Bieber’s flow isn’t far off from, say, Countess Luann rasping about “gems, jets, silhouettes, Champagne in the sky” on “Chic C’est La Vie”; he references his “exotic brand-new Lamb,” his Prada bag, and getting “a bottle of wine on arrival” at Beverly Hills Italian mainstay Il Pastaio. C’est bon, indeed.

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Justin Bieber Is Rapping Again, Now on ‘Whats Poppin’ Remix