Justin Timberlake Wants America to Say Bye Bye Bye to Confederate Monuments

Photo: dpa/picture alliance via Getty I

Justin Timberlake posted on Instagram on Monday calling for the removal of Confederate monuments throughout the US. Timberlake, a native of Tennessee, notes in his caption that “no one should be protecting the legacies of confederate leaders and slave owners.” He goes on to explain, “When we protest racism in America, people think we are protesting America itself. Why is that the reaction? Because America was built by men who believed in and benefitted from racism. Plain and simple.” Timberlake points to the fact that “those men who proudly owned and abused Black people are STILL celebrated all over the country.” He posted the caption alongside a video from the ACLU by deputy legal director Jeffery Robinson explaining the history and ideology behind Confederate monuments, also linking to another ACLU video in his Instagram bio. “If we plan to move forward, these monuments must come down. But let’s remember: Removing these statues does not erase our country’s vile history of oppression — removing them is a symbol of respect for Black people in America and it’s a step towards progress and actual equality for all,” he added. Timberlake joins other celebrities, like Tennessee resident Taylor Swift, in calling for the removal of Confederate monuments from his home state.

Justin Timberlake Says Bye Bye Bye to Confederate Monuments