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How You Like That? Blackpink’s Debut Album Will Drop in October

Photo: Natt Lim/Getty Images for Coachella

If you’ve let your area fall into disrepair as of late, the time to start fixing it up is upon us. Blackpink is about to be in it once again (like they ever left!) this fall, when they drop their debut full-length studio album on October 2. Fans of the wildly popular K-pop girl group probably expected as much, between their recent “Sour Candy” collaboration off Lady Gaga’s Chromatica, and the release of their single “How You Like That” with its accompanying video last month, Blackpink’s first new song since last year’s “Kill This Love.”

While the group did release Blackpink in Your Area in 2018, the Japanese-language EP was a compilation of the group’s work to date, including their four-track Korean language mini-EP, Square Up, also from 2018, and a self-titled Japanese EP from 2017. According to their press release, a second single from Blackpink’s upcoming album will drop in August, and will include a “surprise feature.”

How You Like That? Blackpink’s Debut Album Drops in October