Kehlani Upgrades From the Backyard in Latest Quarantine Video for ‘Bad News’

Good news: Kehlani is back on her quarantine music video game. The R&B singer-songwriter dropped a visual for “Bad News,” off her recent second album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, and it just might have the highest production value of one of her quarantine videos yet. The black-and-white video stars Kehlani being elegant in an equally elegant wedding dress: sitting in a car, doing a photo shoot, drinking and smoking, sitting with some magazines, cocking a pistol, and pole dancing. As one does. It’s her fifth video of quarantine — and at this point, if Kehlani’s name isn’t all over that VMA nominations list, we’ll have to talk to someone about that. (But Kehlani, girl, maybe think twice before going to that in-person ceremony.)

Kehlani Drops ‘Bad News’ Video, Her Fifth of Quarantine