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Kylie Minogue Returns to the Dance Floor With New Song ‘Say Something’

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Move the furniture and dim the lights, you’ve got a quarantine dance party to put on. No no, not to that. Kylie Minogue dropped her new single “Say Something,” the first taste of her upcoming album Disco. Her return to dance music after 2018’s country-influenced Golden makes this a classic Kylie bop, packed with gurgling bass, crashing drums, some whisper vocals — and is that a guitar? Minogue sings about being “a million miles apart in a thousand ways,” asking, “Can we all be as one again?” and if that won’t strike a chord with you These Days, I don’t know what will. In honor of the song, Minogue also joined TikTok, making a video of her dancing between light-up poles and playing one as a guitar to “Say Something.” Now wear your damn masks so we can hold onto our shred of hope of watching this all happen in concert one day.

Kylie Minogue Returns to the Dance Floor on ‘Say Something’