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DJ Khaled Releases Twin Singles ‘POPSTAR’ and ‘GREECE’ Featuring His Friend Drizzy

Imagine these two starring in a Sister Sister reboot. Photo: Getty Images / dcp

Can you say twinsies? Because Drake and wife guy DJ Khaled sure can. The two hip-hop stars have collaborated on not one but two tracks, “POPSTAR” and “GREECE,” which were released at midnight on Friday, July 17. Both tracks are technically DJ Khaled songs that feature Drake, but given that any given DJ Khaled song mostly consists of someone else rapping while he yells “and another one,” they sound like Drake, who — despite being recently spotted mysteriously hanging out in Barbados on Rihanna Drive — name-checks other pop princesses during “POPSTAR.” “Look, Ariana, Selena, my Visa/ It can take as many charges as it needs to, my girl.” It seems Drake is holding on to the philanthropic energy he displayed in “God’s Plan.” Let’s hope for Drizzy’s sake that Rihanna has noticed.

DJ Khaled and Drake Release Singles ‘POPSTAR’ and ‘GREECE’