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Looks Like Rapper Logic Will ‘Retire’ to Become a Twitch Star

Not a “rapper guy.” Photo: Brian Stukes/Getty Images

Logic turned some heads last week when he announced that he’d be retiring from music after a decade of rapping (with a novel thrown in), and will release No Pressure, which he claims will be his final album, this week on July 24. The 30-year-old said at the time that he plans to focus on his young son. “It’s been a great decade. Now it’s time to be a great father,” he tweeted. But he’s still gotta make money somehow, right? So, today, Logic has announced an “exclusive” partnership with livestreaming platform Twitch. He’ll stream weekly on the platform, according to the Verge, although it’s unclear what exactly he’ll be doing as a retired musician. “I’m not this rapper guy, man. I’m just a nerd. I love video games,” he told the Verge. Twitch is a popular destination for video-game play-throughs and other gaming-related streaming, yet Logic marks the platform’s first exclusive deal. And regardless of how it may look, he maintained that he didn’t ink the seven-figure deal for the money, but rather to help fans “unwind and laugh and smile.” His first stream as an exclusive Twitcher will be July 21 at 8 p.m. ET, when the “not rapper guy” will premiere No Pressure before its release.

Rapper Logic Will ‘Retire’ to Become a Twitch Star