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Mask Up and Watch the Trailer for Freeform’s Inevitable Coronavirus Rom-com

We can practically see all of those antibodies swimming around from here. Freeform has released the trailer for its fun and sexy foray into the COVID-19 subgenre, Love in the Time of Corona, which was filmed with remote technology over the past few weeks in the actors’ homes. (Two of whom are Hamilton babe Leslie Odom Jr. and his wife, Nicolette Robinson.) The four-part rom-com Zooms in on interwoven couple stories about “the hopeful search for love and connection during this time of quarantine,” from the “early days of the stay-at-home order through the events that ignited the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests.” That, and maybe they’ll be some engaging dialogue about what the next stimulus check will entail. Here’s hoping for the full $1,200! It’ll air over two nights on August 22 and 23.

Mask Up and Watch the Trailer for Freeform’s Quar Rom-com