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Madison McFerrin Was a Michelle Buteau Fan Before She Became a Michelle Buteau Friend

If you’re going through it this week, this episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well may help you out. Comedian Michelle Buteau and singer Madison McFerrin have the kind of easy, breezy friendship that will remind you that friends still exist and are good. It’s a breath of fresh air filled with actual skin-care tips (hint: sleeping!), relaxation advice (TIL: herbs!), and the truly inspiring revelation that McFerrin made her own sugaring wax? This is something she should win a Nobel Prize for, but for some reason they don’t let us decide those things.

The two reminisce about their first time chatting at Ilana Glazer’s wedding, eating weed gummies at Brooklyn Bowl, and numerous other things we all didn’t realize we’d miss so desperately until just a few months ago. But perhaps the cutest part of this whole episode is when McFerrin makes a confession: She knew who Buteau was long before they became friends. “I was like, I recognize this woman, and she’s a comedian. And it’s because when I was in high school, I was obsessed with Best Week Ever,” she says. Not only are the pair good friends now, Buteau is also hosting this weekend’s BRIC festival, at which McFerrin is performing. Sometimes life really does work out like a feel-good Hollywood movie, is all we’re saying.

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Madison McFerrin Went from Michelle Buteau Fan to Friend