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Meghan Markle Says She Felt ‘Unprotected’ by Royals in New Court Documents

The Claimant. Photo: ABC News/Walt Disney Television via Getty

Last October, flawless people’s princess Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and some guy she’s married to named Harry filed a privacy claim against the publishers of British tabloid Daily Mail over “biased” and “untrue” coverage of Markle. Now, new court documents from her legal team have given the public a closer look into her grievances with the royal family, exacerbated by the Mail’s sharing of allegedly false information.

Town & Country reports that the legal papers describe Markle as “pregnant, unprotected by the Institution, and prohibited from defending herself,” with “the Institution” referring to Great Britain’s royal family. Furthermore, in regards to her and Prince Harry’s royal wedding in 2018, Markle’s team claims that taxpayer-funded security costs were “far outweighed by the tourism revenue of over one billion pounds sterling that was generated” from the event. Among the other revelations from these latest court documents are that Markle disagreed with Kensington Palace’s “no comment” policy to media inquiries, and that she “took care to consider and to organise everything her father may need from all clothing items for each scheduled event, to accommodations, all transports, and a dedicated assistant on the ground to be with him during his time in the UK.” Markle also made “many calls” to her father, Thomas Markle, in the run-up to the wedding, including calling him from the wedding rehearsals, “all of which were ignored or declined.” We’d tell you how the Daily Mail is responding to these claims, but have you seen their home page? Illegible.

Meghan Markle Says She Felt ‘Unprotected’ by Royals