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Gossip Girl Is Rolling in Her Digital Grave: The NBA Bubble Has a ‘Snitch Hotline’

Photo: Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

To quote a fallen, basketball-obsessed hero: This is how we win. Inside the NBA bubble at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, where 22 teams are currently quarantining, the NBA set up a hotline to anonymously report social-distancing violations. According to the Athletic reporter Shams Charania, these players are busy making use of it. “Multiple tips have been placed into the NBA’s anonymous hotline to report protocol violations on campus,” Charania tweeted on Tuesday. “Some players have received warnings from violations, sources said, as league ensures social distancing and mask protocols on campus.” NBA players are currently not allowed to visit each other’s hotel rooms; they are allowed to safely socialize under restrictions.

“To all my fellow NBA players, don’t call the snitch hotline. Don’t cross the line to get Postmates,” Brooklyn Nets player Spencer Dinwiddie told Bleacher Report reporter Taylor Rooks. To quote a legendary gossip: XOXO, and get your dialing finger ready.

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The NBA Bubble Has a ‘Snitch Hotline’