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Dennis Quaid Was Fooled Into Thinking The Parent Trap Hired Lohan Twins

There are two actors in this photo. Photo: Walt Disney Co.

This isn’t as big a faux pas as waking up on your air mattress is the middle of a lake because of the cruel ingenuity of your future stepdaughters, but, hey, life comes at you fast. During a virtual cast reunion of The Parent Trap hosted by Katie Couric on July 20, the film’s resident zaddy, Dennis Quaid, revealed an amusing tidbit during the chat: He initially believed that he was working with two Lohans, given that Lindsay’s accent work (a posh Brit and chill Cali girl, respectively) were so exceptional. “The first thing I remember was meeting Lindsay at some kind of screen test,” Quaid, whose recent fiancée mirrored the film a little too well, recalled. “I remember thinking, Oh my gosh, that’s one of the most talented people I’ve met, period. Forget that she’s 11 years old. Then I actually thought there were two girls, I really did. Because your accent was so perfect.”

Lohan was amused at Quaid’s admission, saying that she felt “so lucky and really blessed” to have secured the role, which served as her big-screen debut. “Without this movie, I wouldn’t have gotten the acting bug. How do you not want to only act for the rest of your life after doing a film like this?” she explained. “It’s timeless and special.” Lohan also said that The Parent Trap helped her cope with her parents going through an unexpected separation, as it “made it a lot easier for me to play these characters that were figuring it out.” If only she had a real Chessy or Martin by her side, too.

Dennis Quaid Thought The Parent Trap Hired Lohan Twins