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Phoebe Bridgers Thoroughly Washes Her Hands in New ‘I Know the End’ Video

Who are we — who are all of us? — if not deeply confused wards of an unknown power, walking around with our skeletons raw on our outsides like Halloween costumes? Does that make any sense, or have I just not made human contact in six days? You, too, will start waxing philosophical after watching Phoebe Bridgers’s new music video for the apocalyptic, maximalist “I Know the End,” the closing track from her sophomore album, Punisher. While singing about deeply relatable paranoia (“over the coast, everyone’s convinced / it’s a government drone or an alien spaceship”), Bridgers is accompanied out of some sort of eerie Yorgos Lanthimos–ian facility, almost makes a run for it, only for us to realize it was all part of her empty-pandemic-stadium backstage process before her cool, funky skeleton-band rock show. It makes sense in context, we promise. Just watch it.

Phoebe Bridgers Releases Haunting New ‘I Know the End’ Video