Shark Tank Circles Las Vegas to Shoot Season 12 Under Coronavirus Quarantine

Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC

The titular investors of ABC’s Shark Tank know when they’re ready to put their money where their mouths are, and, according to Deadline, their mouths will soon be located in Las Vegas, where the Sharks will reportedly be shooting the upcoming 12th season of the long-running hit reality show, which normally films in Culver City in Los Angeles County, which continues to see a rate of coronavirus transmission incompatible with continued reopening. Nevada, meanwhile, began reopening earlier this summer, and in July, it also experienced a climb in new cases. On July 9, Nevada governor Steve Sisolak dropped bars in certain counties back to phase one and, just today, announced a new strategy is in the works for the entire state, which he plans to roll out on Monday, August 3.

According to Deadline, Shark Tank, which the outlet indicates is currently in preproduction, will follow in the footsteps of CBS’s Love Island, sequestering the Sharks and the season’s entrepreneurs in a single hotel, regularly testing the cast and crew, and maintaining COVID-19 health guidelines. In another universe, having the productions for Shark Tank and Love Island filming in Las Vegas at the same time would probably birth a newer, even more watchable reality competition show, but let’s hope everyone stays safe and follows protocols out there instead.

Shark Tank Circles Las Vegas to Shoot Season 12