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Snoop Dogg and DMX Unleash the Hounds, Hits, and Love in Verzuz Battle

The real Verzuz winner? Snoop’s comfy fit. Photo: IGTV

The latest edition of Verzuz, the Instagram Live show where beloved artists go head-to-head playing only the hits, pitted two of the baddest artists in the game against each other: Snoop Dogg versus DMX. While you’d imagine that things might get pretty rough between the two iconic rappers, it was all love between Snoop Dogg and DMX from the very beginning until the bitter end, over two hours later. “Where my motherfucking dogs at,” says Snoop, rocking what can only be described as a sensible adult pajama set, complete with blue sweat pants and a matching red and blue T-shirt. “All dogs around the world unite. This some real G shit right here,” he continues, before declaring that they can do whatever they want and going to get some chicken strips. Per comfy Snoop’s request, DMX drops a seemingly freestyled blessing, ensuring good spirits would be present throughout the battle before the pair blessed the Verzuz audience of over 500,000 people with a smattering of their greatest hits.

While going through their greatest hits, including “Deep Cover,” “Where My Dogs At,” “Gin and Juice,” “Who Am I,” and many, many more, the rappers kept the positive vibes and compliments flowing as they went toe-to-toe in Snoop’s studio, often backing each other up on various tracks. At one point, Snoop Dogg, famously from the West Coast, extols the virtue of our very own New York City, saying, “New York has always been the Mecca of rap to us in the West Coast.” “Something I love about you, Snoop, is we can always count on you to kick some gangsta shit,” said DMX. After the two joined forces on Snoop’s “Ain’t No Fun,” Snoop Dogg shouts out the deceased rapper Nate Dogg, who was featured on the track. “Nate Dogg, rest in peace,” says Snoop. “Let me echo that. Nate Dogg, rest in peace. Aaliyah, rest in peace,” said DMX before launching into “Back in One Piece,” his track with Aaliyah. Retired rapper Bow Wow got a more lighthearted shoutout, when Snoop revealed that his former protégé lent his voice to the intro of his track “Gz and Hustlas” at the tender age of 6 years old. If you feel inclined to choose a winner, you can catch the full, two-hour battle on the Verzuz IGTV page below, but we think you’ll have a difficult time picking. All the dogs around the world ate tonight.

Snoop Dogg and DMX Unleash the Hounds and the Hits in Verzuz