Stevie Nicks, the Health Commissioner We Deserve, Wants You to Please Stay Inside and Wear a Mask

Just serenely imagine how Stevie could beautifully incorporate masks into her outifts. Photo: Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic/Getty Images

As a few of our country’s famous singers have made some, ahem, questionable statements about the pandemic recently, Stevie Nicks has emerged from her shawl vault to sprinkle us all with some calming, reasonable meditations on the current moment. Nicks posted a journal entry from July 17 on Twitter, which, in its tone, reads as if it was written from the deck of a beautiful 19th-century sailing ship on a long mysterious voyage. The actual voyage in question involves Nicks lying awake with a stomachache listening to Pandora, thinking about how she feels safe in that moment, and hoping that everyone will join together to wear masks and stay safe so that we can see each other again. “In order for us to get back to our former lives – we must all change into spiritual warriors,” Nicks writes, with frankly better public messaging than you’d get from our government. “If we don’t get ahead of this now, we will live with such guilt and regret that it will destroy us.” Nicks adds, “I want to go back on the road. I want to sing for you again. I want to put on these high black suede platform boots and dance for you again. I want you to forget the world and sing for me.” I want her to record this as an audio file so that I can meditate to it and feel ever-so-slightly comforted as I fall asleep each night.

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Stevie Nicks Wrote a Nice Journal Entry About Wearing Masks