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Okay, Who’s Out Here Asking Supermarket Sweep Host David Ruprecht for Feet Pics?!

Photo: ABC

Boy, sounds like someone is trying to get their hands on more than hams, contact-lens solution, and baby formula. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, host of grocery-shopping game show Supermarket Sweep David Ruprecht discussed the newfound fans he’s garnered since Netflix dropped 15 episodes of the ’90s favorite, which he hosted from 1990 to 1995, then again from 2000 to 2003, earlier this month. According to Ruprecht, he’s enjoyed receiving all the social media attention from new viewers. Well, almost all the attention.

“I will say, I’ve noticed in the last three weeks, my Facebook friend requests, I mean holy shit,” he exclaims. “Pardon me, but I used to get maybe two or three a week, and now I’m getting 20 or 30 a day.” Says Ruprecht, “They keep wanting to know: ‘How are you doing today?,’ ‘Where do you live?,’ ‘Can I get a picture with you in bare feet?’ It was one of the most bizarre requests I had ever gotten. In the ’90s, we didn’t have the social media. I’ve always had a good fan base!” Welcome to 2020, Mr. Ruprecht. Honestly, it’s something Leslie Jones, who is in line to host the Supermarket Sweep reboot initially scheduled to film this spring, should probably keep an eye out for.

Okay, Who Asked the Host of Supermarket Sweep for Feet Pics?