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The Chicks Have Dropped Their First Album in Fourteen Years, Gaslighter

The N of the band almost known as MEN. Photo: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Your favorite country-pop trio is back with a new name and a brand new album. After a 14-year hiatus, newly named band the Chicks released Gaslighter at midnight on Friday, July 17. The 17-song album was co-written and co-produced by super-producer Jack Antonoff, and includes previously released singles “March March,” “Julianna Calm Down,” and “Gaslighter.” Gaslighter contains no features or guest artists, so it’s all Chicks all the time. The Chicks, formerly of Dixie, changed their band name after 31 years this spring in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Earlier this week in an interview with Vulture, the Chicks revealed a few of their other potential updated band names, which included DCX, Squatter’s Daughters, MEN (for Martie, Emily, and Natalie, of course). Maybe now that they’ve released their album, the Chicks pass over one of their backup names to another country band desperately in need of a rebrand and going about it in the absolutely worst way possible. Until then, stream Gaslighter and enjoy your old favorite, brand-new all-girl band, the Chicks.

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Stream the Chicks’ First Album in 14 Years, Gaslighter