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Katie Holmes Has a Hurricane on Her Vision Board in The Secret: Dare to Dream Trailer

Update July 17: Soon after Katie Holmes put this movie trailer out into the universe, the universe responded by closing down all movie theaters for the foreseeable future. The Secret works in mysterious ways. Now, there’s a new trailer out, and it’s exactly the same as the old trailer, only now it says the movie will be available on demand on July 31. Also, there’s a new tagline: “BELIEVE AGAIN.” Now why does that sound so familiar?

February 14, 2020: If you were in the market for self-help back in 2006, The Secret, the best-selling book by Rhonda Byrne based on the documentary of the same name, espoused the idea that, via the law of attraction, an individual can receive whatever what he or she really wants via their thoughts and actions. Unfortunately for Katie Holmes’s character in the trailer for The Secret: Dare to Dream, out April 17, she’s been a really Debbie Downer lately, so now a hurricane has come to decimate Louisiana.

Them’s the breaks for those who don’t maintain a positive outlook, but fortunately Josh Lucas’s handsome stranger has arrived to teach Katie The Secret, give her a mysterious envelope and, if we’re not mistake, give her the love she so very much deserves. Dang, if only the Katie Holmes in the Brahms: The Boy II trailer had heard of the Secret. She must have some pretty intense negative thoughts to attract a haunted doll boy…

Katie Holmes Attracts a Hurricane in The Secret Trailer