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Trump Likes Tweet Praising ‘Stripper’ Vibes in New Summer Walker Song

Like. Photo: Alex Edelman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Early Friday morning, the R&B singer Summer Walker put out a five-song EP that, according to Vulture, will “get you in your feelings.” Donald Trump seems to agree.

In the middle of the night, Trump’s Twitter account liked a tweet praising the first two tracks on the 24-year-old’s EP. The tweet shares Vulture’s assessment of the first song, “Let It Go,” and says the second track, “SWV,” brings the “stripper back.” The tweet is currently the only one listed under the president’s likes.

After the like, the person who sent the tweet, @astriiluca, asked a valid question: “WHY THE FUCK DID DONALD TRUMP LIKE MY FUCKING TWEET.”

Last month, Trump made another head-scratching Twitter “like” of a tweet referencing the HBO show Insecure. Show creator and star Issa Rae responded: “what the fuck is this.” In the past, Trump has also liked tweets praising Rihanna’s work-life balance and a tweet criticizing him as “not presidential material.”

It should be noted, that Trump may not the person smashing the heart on these tweets. Last year, Politico reported that when Trump “likes” a tweet, he uses a decidedly more lo-tech method. He sends the tweet to a staffer and has them print it out.

Trump Likes Tweet on ‘Stripper’ Vibes in Summer Walker Song