Evan Rachel Wood Does Her Best Elizabeth Holmes Voice in the Kajillionaire Trailer

For the past few years, pop culture has been enamored with scammers. Maybe that’s why Evan Rachel Wood has adopted the husky timbre of Silicon Valley blood-scamstress Elizabeth Holmes for her role as oddball Old Dolio in Miranda July’s latest film, Kajillionaire. Either that, or Wood’s voice is stuck that way from playing robots. After premiering at Sundance in the short window of time in 2020 when things were actually still happening, Kajillionaire has a new trailer before its release in theaters on September 18. The trailer introduces us to Old Dolio and her parents, con artists played by Debra Winger and Richard Jenkins, who have raised their adult daughter to pull off small jobs to “just skim” through life. The film picks up on them bringing an outsider played by Gina Rodriguez in on their schemes, “only to have their entire world turned upside down.” If this trailer’s use of Angel Olsen and menacing millennial pink ooze don’t get you, the promise of getting an inside look at the pathology of Amazon package thieves will.

Evan Rachel Wood Is a Package Thief in Kajillionaire Trailer