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Lisa Kudrow Has Been Telling Conan ‘a Pandemic Could Be Coming’ for Years

The great irony of Über-ditz Phoebe Buffay has always been that Lisa Kudrow is a known Smart Person. Like, “published a paper on neuroscience and has been on the board of Vassar (where she studied biology) for the past 16 years” smart. So smart that her old friend Conan O’Brien reminded her on July 8’s Conan that she “always used to be telling me over the years, ‘A pandemic could be coming,’” and that she is “the person who I would say has been preparing for this pandemic since the day I met you.” When asked how she’s adjusting to quarantine, Kudrow said, “Adjusting? There was no adjusting. It was just how I lived my life. There were days and days where I just never even left my house or went in my car.” The most notable adjustment for Kudrow has been Zoom: She accidentally muted herself at a crucial meeting of the aforementioned Vassar board, but at least she won the Space Forcecast game night, beating Steve Carell. And for those who are worrying about how the pandemic will affect the long-awaited Friends reunion special, Kudrow assured, “We have something on the books for us to do it at some point in August. And we’ll see. We’re all still waiting for guidelines for shooting things. So, hopefully!”

Lisa Kudrow Has Warned Conan About a Pandemic for Years