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Seth Rogen’s An American Pickle Trailer Will Make You Verklempt

In the trailer for the upcoming film An American Pickle, Sarah Snook says in Yiddish that she dreams of being “like, ‘afford my own gravestone’ rich.” It’s darkly funny, and it’s honestly a 2020 mood as much as it is a 1919 one. An American Pickle follows Herschel Greenbaum (Seth Rogen), an Eastern European immigrant to New York who — klutz that he is — falls into a big ol’ pickle vat and is perfectly pickled for 100 years. When he’s fished out in 2020, Snook is long gone with a gravestone of her own but Herschel meets his surviving mishpacha, a great-grandson named Ben. Ben bears a striking resemblance to Herschel because he, too, is played by Seth Rogen. It’s like Perfect Strangers meets “Pickle Rick.” There are laughs, there are tears, there are polio jokes, there’s Rogen-on-Rogen hugging, and there appears to be plenty of intergenerational trauma, in case you were worried there wouldn’t be. An American Pickle is based on a Simon Rich short story, and it will be released on HBO Max on August 6. And for what it’s worth, shtetl daddy Seth Rogen is a total smoke show.

Seth Rogen’s American Pickle Trailer Will Make You Verklempt