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Jeffree Star Joins the Ranks of Apologizing YouTubers

Photo: YouTube

Jeffree Star has issued a long-awaited response to the ongoing controversy known as Dramageddon 3, in which beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook accused Star and Shane Dawson of emotionally manipulating her into publicly calling out fellow beauty YouTuber James Charles. Star, seated center frame on an elaborate gold couch, declares that, contrary to speculation that he might “bring the receipts” and counter Westbrook’s claims, he instead “will not be exposing anyone.” “Today I will not be sitting here, showing a million text messages,” Star said. “I will not be entertaining it. My lawyers are entertaining it behind the scenes, but I will not be.” Star goes on to explain that he is “fully admitting [his] flaws” and has issues with “impulse control.” He addressed his hiatus from social media, saying he has taken time to “find [himself]” offline. “When you accept that you are the problem, you can become the solution,” Star said.

On the topic of Westbrook and Dramageddon 3 — which Star refers to as “the situation” — he said, “I’m not a villain in a movie, this isn’t a Netflix series with a crazy storyline.” Star admits that he “got caught up in the hype,” and apologized to James Charles, “for the words that I’ve said and for my actions.” He explained that he “let people gas [him] up” and get [him] going behind the scenes,” and repeatedly apologizes to Charles. Star then makes a hard pivot, calling for less focus on beauty guru drama, because “right now outside of our walls, our world is falling apart, and it’s truly shocking.”

He mentions Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, “and the countless other people who are murdered every single day.” “I think that drama and the beauty world, which I have definitely been a part of, it all has to stop,” he said, but he then pivots back to YouTuber drama, defending Dawson, who he calls an “amazing person.” Star ends the video by claiming that “any product, shade, or formula I’ve created has worked for any race, gender,” and promises “new products” in the coming months, which presumably won’t be released with Morphe.

Jeffree Star Joins the Ranks of Apologizing YouTubers