An Actor Named Patrick Wilson Responds to Twitter’s Discovery of His Secret Scheme

Photo: NINA PROMMER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

As a very wise Twitter user named @maplecocaine once said, “Each day on Twitter there is one main character. The goal is never to be it.” On Monday, an obscure character actor named Patrick Wilson was Twitter’s main character, and, much like when he actually plays a main character, the rules simply don’t apply to him like they apply to other people. The Golden Globe– and Emmy-nominated star started trending during the day when user @Skoog said of Wilson’s many varied roles: “the mf really said i’m gonna be in a million movies but absolutely refuse to be famous.”

Which set off a barrage of tweets praising Wilson’s extremely lengthy body of work, including his turns in Watchmen, Hard Candy, Insidious, The Conjuring series, Angeles in America, and The Phantom of the Opera movie, not to mention his Tony-nominated Broadway work in 2000’s The Full Monty and 2002’s Oklahoma!

But if you honestly could not tell a Patrick Wilson from a Will Arnett if you had money on it, or remember he was wonderful in the cast of Young Adult or Prometheus or The Founder to save your life, don’t worry. Turns out, that was apparently Patrick Wilson’s plan all along. “Dammit,” the Aquaman star lamented in response to Twitter’s discovery of his long artistic con. “My plan has been thwarted.”

Patrick Wilson Responds to Twitter Uncovering His Scheme