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Essential Worker Bon Jovi Films Music Video Amid Pandemic

Few artists have dared to film music videos in New York City since it was the center of the COVID-19 pandemic (and as for those who have, well, we expected it). Bon Jovi crossed the Hudson to New York City to film a new music video for the band’s pandemic anthem, “Do What You Can,” out August 25. The video features Jon Bon Jovi walking through a near-empty New York, cut between clips of essential workers and people adapting to social distancing. “When you can’t do what you do / You do what you can,” he sings in the chorus, between more specific references to PPE, fevers, hospitals, and canceled events. Then comes one last on-the-nose message:

Although I’ll keep my social distance,

What this world needs is a hug.

Until we find the vaccination,

There’s no substitute for love.

It’s not the first time our Garden State friends have offered a little pandemic motivation after performing at a New Jersey benefit in April. “Do What You Can” appears on Bon Jovi’s album Bon Jovi: 2020, out October 2.

Essential Worker Bon Jovi Films Music Video Amid Pandemic