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Bradley Cooper Reunites With Bronzer on the Set of PTA’s New Movie

paul thomas anderson bradley cooper
A collaboration is born! Photo:

All summer, there have been murmurings about a 1970s-set coming-of-age movie from Paul Thomas Anderson. This week, we welcome a first look: Feast your eyes on Anderson, star Bradley Cooper, and none other than a Haim sister. The trio were spotted on-set in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, with Covid-19 masks on everyone not on camera. Cooper — wearing lots of hair, lots of bronzer — looks to be taking The Steps to return to his Jackson Maine glory. In some images from the set, he is — I know, I Know — Alone. But in other set photos, Cooper, an unidentified actor, and Alana Haim are pressing on that Gasoline, occupying the front seats of a truck. (It does look like a 3 a.m. shoot.) I Don’t Wanna speculate on the plot of the new PTA, but rumor has it, it’s about a child star. It’s FUBT: After Cooper’s less-than-successful Oscar bid for directing A Star Is Born, maybe he’s giving this acting thing Another Try.

Cooper is Leaning on You, unidentified young male actor! Photo:

The Haim sisters frequently collab with PTA on their music videos, with “Summer Girl” being a particular highlight. Men from the Magazine long speculated if Haim and PTA would ever collab on a feature film, but these first looks, Now I’m In(to) It! Bradley Cooper on the set of a PTA movie — that’s my summer girl.

Bradley Cooper Reunites With Bronzer on PTA’s New Movie