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Cardi B Brought a Bucket and Mop for Her $100,000 Worth of ‘WAP’ Coronavirus Tests

Photo: YouTube

With Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” music video already forgoing the 25-year waiting period and securing its place in the filth hall of fame, it turns out that the most difficult part of the filming process had nothing to do with getting the correct exotic animal insurance. Or even justifying Kylie Jenner’s cameo. As Cardi told i-D in a new interview, her and the “WAP” team had to personally pay an exorbitant amount of money for frequent coronavirus tests during the shoot, which is probably a good thing, given the indoor pool scene. “It was kind of weird shooting the video in the age of corona,” Cardi explained. “Like, we had to spend $100,000 dollars just on testing. Everybody on the shoot had to get tested for coronavirus. We had a tiger and a leopard there, but we didn’t film with them in there because of safety and because of the pandemic. We spliced those scenes together.” As for the snake, who “peed all over” Cardi after a particularly “naked” take? Doubtful it made the testing list, but who knows.

Cardi B Spent $100,000 on ‘WAP’ Video Coronavirus Tests