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Cecily Strong’s Sloshed SNL Character Was Inspired by an ‘Insane’ Facebook Post

Saturday Night Live’s Cecily Strong was a guest on last night’s Tonight Show, and in addition to receiving congratulations from Jimmy Fallon for her Emmy nomination (“It took me like a day to fully believe it”), she offered some details on the origins of one of her most popular SNL characters: the “Weekend Update” regular, Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party. According to Strong, the character was created thanks to two people: The first was that she was “just kind of making fun of myself,” Strong told Fallon. The second was a woman whose Facebook post reacting to political news Strong will never forget. “It was kind of the beginning of social media being really soapbox-y,” Strong said. “I remember this girl on Facebook, when Obama won his second term, she wrote something like ‘Wow, everybody’s really happy, and that makes me really, really sad.’ It was just such an insane thing to say.” Thank you, insane Facebook woman, for sharing your thoughts with the world so that Strong could create such a beautiful, slurring, sloshed gift to the rest of us.

A Facebook Post Inspired Cecily Strong’s Drunk SNL Character