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Actress Charlotte Kirk at the Center of Scandals Involving Two Studio Execs

Charlotte Kirk and Ron Meyer. Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Shutterstock

Movie studios are crumbling for many reasons right now, but one less discussed reason seems to be that their executives keep getting involved in sex scandals that involve the actress Charlotte Kirk. Today, The Hollywood Reporter claims that Ron Meyer, who resigned from his position as NBCUniversal vice-chairman, was involved in an affair with actress Charlotte Kirk, who was also central to the resignation of Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara last year. Meyer served in his position at NBCU for 25 years, and was a founder of CAA before that, but stepped down after revealing that he had reached a settlement with a woman with whom he’d had a consensual affair. He claimed that undisclosed third parties had discovered this settlement and were trying to demand more money over it, and threatening to implicate his studio otherwise. THR named Kirk as the woman in question only after Meyer announced his resignation. While announcing the resignation, NBCU CEO Jeff Shell said in a message to staff that Meyer “acted in a manner which we believe is not consistent with our company policies or values.”

Kirk, an Australian actress who wrote and starred in The Reckoning, has something of a record of being at the center of scandals involving powerful men in Hollywood. Back in March 2019, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara resigned amid accusations and text messages that showed that he pushed for Kirk to get auditions for Warner Bros. movies (she had small roles in Ocean’s 8 and How to Be Single, both WB movies). According to THR, Kirk was involved with both Tsujihara and Meyer around the same time, first dating Tsujihara in 2013. She was also involved with billionaire James Packer. Surely executives at the remaining studios not involved in these two scandals are racing to make this all into a movie of its own — well, as long as they aren’t involved in another, similar scandal that hasn’t yet come to light.

Vulture has revised this article to remove references to extortion since there have been no convictions.

Actress at the Center of Scandals Involving Two Studio Execs