Clueless Spin-off About Dionne Plows Right Through Stops Signs and Lands at Peacock

Photo: CBS Photo Archive/CBS via Getty Images

Like Cher, Dionne knows what it’s like to have people be jealous of her — now more than ever that she’s getting her own Peacock series. Deadline reported that a Clueless spin-off focused on Cher’s best friend has landed at Peacock, after Will & Grace writers Jordan Reddout and Gus Hickey began working on it last October at CBS TV Studios. The series will focus on Dionne — who was played by Stacey Dash in the 1995 film and the 1996 to 1999 spin-off series — becoming the most popular girl at Bronson Alcott High School in Cher’s absence. It joins a wave of recent Clueless revivalism, including last year’s Off Broadway musical. Deadline called the new series “baby pink and bisexual blue-tinted, tiny sunglasses-wearing, oat milk latté and Adderall-fueled,” and while we’re not quite sure what to expect from all that, count us in. Along with executive producer Corinne Brinkerhoff, who created American Gothic and No Tomorrow, the team of producers includes 1995 Clueless producer Robert Lawrence. Looks like no stop signs ahead for Dionne and her spin-off.

Clueless Spin-off About Dionne Recklessly Drives to Peacock