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Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused of Rape in New Lawsuit

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A woman sued Cuba Gooding Jr. in New York on Tuesday, alleging in the lawsuit that he raped her shortly after they met at a restaurant. The woman, referred to as Jane Doe in court papers, also alleged that the actor forcibly engaged in anal sex with her.

The woman claims that she and her friend first met Gooding on August, 24 2013, at a Greenwich Village restaurant. They went into the VIP “lounge” area, where Gooding introduced himself and then invited them to his table, according to her Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit. They then went to sit with Gooding and his friends. Gooding invited them to drinks at The Mercer hotel.

Gooding left the table and a man “who appeared to be a security guard” came over, saying that Gooding wanted to meet her outside in a cab. The woman checked with her friend, who said that she would meet them at the Mercer for drinks, as had been discussed. When their cab got to the Mercer, Gooding told her to use the side entrance “so that he could get out a different entrance so as to ‘avoid the paparazzi.’”

After they saw each other in the lobby, Gooding told her that he needed to change clothes. She suggested waiting downstairs, but Gooding said that he would “be quick,” court papers state. When they got to his fifth-floor hotel room, she mentioned that her friend was joining them, “in an effort to suggest that they leave to head back down soon and politely convey that she did not have any interest in staying in his room.” According to the lawsuit, Gooding put on music — “Mumford & Sons, to be specific” — and got between her and the door, taking his clothes off.

She said she needed to leave and meet her friend, starting to stand up from the bed, where she was sitting. Gooding, however, “blocked her from the door and pushed her onto the bed.”

Gooding, who was naked at that point, “forcibly and without consent put one hand in her halter top to touch Plaintiff’s breasts and one hand up her dress.” She said “no” and “tried to push his hands away.” Gooding “ignored her” and forcibly touched her genitals.  He became more “physically aggressive” and kept pushing her hands back as she resisted. Despite her repeatedly saying “no,” Gooding “wouldn’t stop” and vaginally raped the woman. Gooding did not wear a condom, the lawsuit charges.

According to the lawsuit, after Gooding ejaculated, he went to the bathroom. The woman started to put on her clothes and “crawl” off the bed in an effort to leave. When Gooding got back from the bathroom, he “got on top of Plaintiff from behind and penetrated [her] anally with his penis,” without consent, court documents claim. Gooding fell asleep “almost immediately” after this assault, and she went into the bathroom. The woman heard him wake up  and, “in fear that she might be raped again,” told Gooding she had to meet her friend, rushing out of the room, court papers allege.

The woman looked for her friend downstairs and then learned that she was still at the Greenwich Village restaurant where they had met Gooding. The woman went back to the restaurant, and then home.

This lawsuit against Gooding comes amid his ongoing Manhattan criminal court groping case. Gooding presently faces six misdemeanor counts for alleged sexual misconduct against three women; prosecutors revealed last week, however, that 30 women had come forward with accusations against him. Gooding has maintained his innocence.

Gooding’s attorney, Mark Heller, vehemently denied the accusations.

“The allegations are completely false and perjurious,” Heller told Vulture. “The incident never took place, and did not give rise to any criminal complaint seven years back, when it purportedly took place.”

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused of Rape in New Lawsuit