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Ellen DeGeneres Gives the Generous Gift of 5 Days Off to Ellen Show Employees

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Ellen Show employees, look under your chairs: You’re all going home with … five days of paid vacation! According to a new report in Variety, employees on the show — which has faced allegations of a toxic workplace at the hands of host Ellen DeGeneres, along with alleged sexual assault and harassment by producers — received new benefits including five paid days off, birthdays off, and paid time off for doctor’s appointments. Producers announced the perks at an August 17 meeting, Variety reported, where they also told staff, “Don’t be afraid.” To take time off for a doctor’s appointment? At the same meeting, DeGeneres also emotionally announced three producers had been fired. “I’m so so sorry for what this has become,” she told staff in the video meeting, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Morale looks to be up this week, per Variety, as staff ramp up work on Ellen’s Game of Games.

Ellen DeGeneres Gives Generous Gift of 5 Days Off to Staff