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Millie Bobby Brown Breaks Fourth Walls and Glass Ceilings in Enola Holmes Trailer

According to the first full-length trailer for Netflix’s upcoming teen detective flick Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes’s younger sister has Fleabag powers of talking directly to the fourth wall in the middle of the action, Dickinson powers of being a rad teen with a modern sensibility in Victorian times, and Harriet the Spy powers of being a plucky kid detective/she spy. In a movie based on the books by Nancy Springer, Millie Bobby Brown will play the spirited Enola, who defies her famous older brother (computer technician Henry Cavill) to search for her missing, kooky mother, played kookily by Helena Bonham Carter. She also meets a cute boy (a viscount!) and learns hand-to-hand combat, so this movie really, truly does have it all. And in case you were worried that Helena Bonham Carter doesn’t wear a kooky fake mustache in the trailer, you needn’t. Enola Holmes premieres on Netflix September 23.

Enola Holmes Trailer: Millie Bobby Brown Breaks Fourth Walls