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FKA Twigs and 645AR Are the Couple Only Quarantine Could Give Us

FKA Twigs is one of the most stunning performers in music right now, building grand, experimental R&B and pop around her airy, delicate voice. 645AR is a performer whose voice could also be called “airy” and “delicate,” but he uses it for different purposes — namely to create viral rap songs that could be trolling but could also be totally serious. In a pairing that could only come out of our collective broken brains during this pandemic, FKA Twigs is featured on 645AR’s new song “Sum Bout You,” which amounts to a little over two minutes of you wondering what, exactly, you’re listening to. In the video, 645AR happens upon Twigs’s webcam-performer account and falls down a rabbit hole of upgrades because, well, it’s FKA Twigs. (There’s also an actual rabbit mask — don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

FKA Twigs Links Up With Viral Rapper 645AR for ‘Sum Bout U’