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James Corden Makes a Very Painful Return to the Late Late Show Studio

Conan O’Brien has moved his TBS late-night show from his home to the Largo. Jimmy Fallon has moved his NBC show from his home to his 30 Rock studio. And last night, CBS’s late-night hosts moved from their previously remote locations to setups that are at least a little more normal. Stephen Colbert debuted The Late Show from his office at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, while James Corden returned to his slightly reworked studio in Los Angeles. Deadline reported some of the changes to Corden’s set on August 7, which include swapping out the guest couch for a chair, removing audience seats, and spacing things out to allow the show’s staff and crew to socially distance. Also apparently added, according to the above clip from last night’s episode, are tons of plexiglass walls to prevent the spread of germs. As Corden — and later, Reggie Watts — soon learns, however, those nearly invisible walls have another purpose: inflicting multiple injuries and making staffers extremely paranoid that there are rogue walls waiting to trick them literally everywhere. It’s the price you pay for insisting on returning to your studio, The Late Late Show!

Corden Makes a Painful Return to the Late Late Show Studio