January Jones Just Playing With Her January Jones Dolls at This Point

January Jones’s performance as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class? Not her finest work. January Jones’s performance as her Emma Frost action figure feuding with her Betty Draper doll filmed from inside her spacious closet on August 14, 2020? Revelatory. The reigning queen of quarantine content has returned to play with some dolls for the camera. “You’re so classless, you silly bitch!” January–as–Betty Draper tells Emma. “I can read your mind. Guess what? There’s nothing in it!” January-as-Emma responds. January goes back and forth as the two characters fight, having Betty say stuff like, “I’m not stupid. I speak Italian,” while Emma goes, “You pick bad men and you’re in a suppressed marriage! Nah, nah, nah.” This incisive bit of cultural commentary escalates as Betty whacks away Emma’s wig and later cape, announcing that “Betty reigns supreme!” Is this perhaps a Mrs. America–style commentary on conflicting visions of feminism among American women? Or just an excuse for January to show off her massive shoe collection in the background of the shot? As with Emma Frost, it is impossible to read her mind.

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January Jones Just Playing With Dolls at This Point