Jason Derulo, a Curious Man, Thought Cats Would ‘Change the World’

Make me forget. Photo: YouTube

Jason Derulo will do as he do do, and there’s no doing anything about it. Case in point: In a profile in the Telegraph on August 12, he gushed, “I find everything better in the pandemic, everything is good now!” clarifying, “I haven’t had so much fun in a long time!” He’s referring, largely, to how much fun he’s having making TikToks, although he also genuinely enjoys Zoom calls, saying, “Being able to do amazing interviews like this in the comfort of my own home! I mean, s—! Everything’s better in the pandemic. Why do we need to go back?” But finding the pandemic has made “everything better” is actually not even the most backward, out-there opinion Derulo shares in the interview. When asked about Cats, Derulo says he had high hopes for it, and not just before he saw what the VFX did to him and his penis: “‘Even when I saw the trailer, I thought it looked unbelievable. Like, I know some people saw it and they were terrified, but I got chills down my spine! I thought it was gonna change the world.’” We got chills down our spines too, but those were more of the “are these cat-people going to come out of the screen and kill me?” variety. Leave it to the Rum Tum Tugger to call the pandemic an improvement and find the Cats trailer world-shattering in all the wrong ways. What a curious cat.

Jason Derulo, a Curious Man, Thought Cats Was ‘Unbelievable’