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John Oliver Fires One Last Missive at Jared Kushner, ‘America’s Most Laminated Prince’

In the last of his summer Last Week Tonight episodes before a hiatus kicks in, John Oliver spent the entirety of his Sunday show talking about two headlines: the spectacularly ugly mess known as the Republican National Convention and the ongoing civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. For a brief moment, though, Oliver also directed his ire at voodoo Ken doll Jared Kushner, who gave an interview last week to insist that boycotting NBA players have the “luxury” to “take a night off from work” while most others don’t. “First, get fucked, Jared, you Welcome to Marwen reject. For starters, they are not ‘taking a night off from work,’” Oliver said. “The emotional toll of being Black in America, combined with the pressure to perform at an elite level during a global pandemic, is, I’m guessing, pretty taxing. So by not playing, they’re not exactly taking a spa day. And if NBA players are too rich to take meaningful action, then who exactly is in the right tax bracket to have their protest approved by America’s most laminated prince?”

“You might want to strap in, Jared,” Oliver, who previously dedicated a Last Week Tonight episode to Kushner and Ivanka Trump in 2017, concluded. “Because this probably isn’t the last disruptive action like this that we’re going to see going forward, nor should it be, because people are sick of waiting.” With November on the horizon, the wait will be over soon enough.

John Oliver Fires One Last Missive at Jared Kushner