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Sorry to Whoever Wanted to Go to the JoJo Show and Ended Up at the JoJo Siwa Show

Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Getty Images

For people who share a name, JoJo and JoJo Siwa have little in common: One is a 29-year-old singer-songwriter who overcame a label dispute to make smooth-as-hell R&B, one is a 17-year-old former Dance Daughter turned YouTube star who wears big bows and dabbles in singing. But Variety brought the two together for a masked, distanced meeting of the minds that yielded one particularly surprising detail: Somehow, people sometimes confuse the two at live shows. “I became super-aware when people would show up to my concerts wearing a bow and be in for a very wild surprise when they realized that they got me and not the colorful, sweet JoJo Siwa,” JoJo The First said, confirming that this is indeed A Thing That Happens. In fact, Siwa first got in touch with JoJo because of a similar situation: “I remember somebody tweeted something like, “I bought my wife tickets for a JoJo concert, only to find out it’s a JoJo Siwa concert. And we have to go and there’s going to be 9-year-old screaming little girls, but whatever, we’re going to make the most of it,’” she told the elder JoJo. “You liked that tweet, and it was the first time we interacted.”

So don’t get this one twisted: JoJo, the R&B singer-songwriter, also just announced the deluxe edition of her latest album good to know, featuring remixes with Demi Lovato and Tinashe along with five new tracks. And one of those, “What U Need,” is out today, August 7. Just remember — compared to Siwa, JoJo is “nice but a little wild.”

People Confuse Jojo and Jojo Siwa Concerts