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Is This the Face You Made When You Heard the Kamala News?

An endorsement. Photo: Sebastian Faena/LENS for Instlye via Katie Holmes Instagram

On August 11, three months out from the 2020 presidential election, Democratic nominee Joe Biden finally revealed who his running mate would be: Kamala Harris, junior senator and third-degree writer of Paul Thomas Anderson’s checks. You’d be forgiven if you greeted this news not with excitement but with bated breath and only one thought on your mind: But what does Katie Holmes think about it? Well, you’ll be relieved to know that Holmes has spoken, giving her ringing endorsement in the form of an Instagram post with the caption, “#BidenHarris2020.” The accompanying pic is … a photo of herself, head tilted back dramatically, tits up, bracing herself on the counter of some sort of … bathroom? It’s a weirdly sensual illustration of her feelings for the Biden/Harris 2020 ticket; do Biden and Harris make her this ecstatic? Reverent? Horny? Why did she choose now to post this picture, and why did she peg it to Biden’s VP pick? When is this shot even from?

We can only answer the last question, thanks to Vultures Jackson McHenry and his use of some sort of mystical alethiometer called “Google reverse image search.” It turns out this endorsement photo is from her April 2020 cover photoshoot for InStyle. The dress is Valentino. The countertop is marble. The topic is her Barbara Sturm skin-care routine.

Meanwhile, other celebrities reacted to the news of Kamala Harris’s appointment as Biden’s VP pick with, you know, thoughts on and photos of Kamala Harris.

Never change, Katie.

Is This the Face You Made When You Heard the Kamala News?