Katy Perry, a Clown, Makes You Log Into Facebook to Watch Her New ‘Smile’ Video

Rumors of my finding this look to be a serve are, unfortunately, not exaggerated. Photo: Katy Perry/Facebook

Of all the clownery, buffoonery, and tomfoolery to come across our newsfeeds on this here Thursday, Katy Perry making the music video for her new single “Smile” exclusively available on her Facebook page really takes the cake cream pie. Perry knows she’s clowning on us, captioning the video, “Here to serve u this morning (with first lewks and [pie emoji]) Watch the official #SMILE video here on the Facebook app and let me know what u think, I’ll be [eyeballs emoji] in the comments [clown emoji].” And then there’s the video itself: The “Smile” single is okay enough on its own, but the accompanying music video is bonkers in a bad way. Perry begins the video dressed in black-and-white business-clown chic, until she plays a magical video game called “SMILE,” which transforms her into a much more glittery, happy clown. The video game is a CGI carnivalesque horror in which Katy Perry’s avatar is a Big Eyes version of herself. It gives kitsch a bad name and Rejected Bratz Doll CGI Katy will haunt me until the end of my days. Worst of all, you have to go to Facebook [dot] com to watch it. Someone who took computer science at Clown College, please teach me how to reset my password.

Katy Perry, Clown, Releases Her New ‘Smile’ Video