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Claudia Conway Is Back and Raising Hell on TikTok for As Long As It Exists

Claudia and the doll from Annabelle. Photo: @claudiamconway/TikTok

On Friday, July 31, Trump announced that he would ban TikTok in the United States, inciting fear among cool teens and lip-sync comedians alike. There’s one Gen-Z hero who has been through personal TikTok bans of her own, though, and has come out the other side with a stronger brand than ever: Claudia Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s “radical agnostic liberal/leftist” 15-year-old daughter. Earlier in July, Conway’s famous conservative parents made her delete her TikTok, which included numerous videos supporting the Black Lives Matter and police protest movements, as well as a few videos proving that yes, she is actually Kellyanne Conway’s daughter.

On July 18, five days after she posted her “last video cuz my parents are making me delete all social media,” Claudia was back, posting a duet promoting TikTok user ghostiethehomie for selling masks that say “CLAUDIA CONWAY IS A BAD BITCH” with the proceeds going to BLM. On July 22, “KDAWG” herself did an in-person Zoombomb, making a rare appearance on Claudia’s TikTok. All signs pointed to inter-Conway relations healing. But after a fight over dyeing her hair (Kellyanne apparently thought pink was too “showy”), Claudia was back to using the fox emoji and the news emoji to express her frustration with Kellyanne.

After Trump’s announcement that he would ban TikTok, Claudia posted a long run of content, including sharing (but not endorsing) the theory that Claudia’s material poses such a threat to Trump’s regime that she’s the reason why they’re banning it.

If the Lincoln Project, which her father co-founded, actually had any idea of how to effectively stop Trump through memes, they’d just hire Claudia.

So until TikTok ends and Claudia has to resort to anti-Kellyanne posting on Twitter, may your lovely chakras stay cleansed.

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