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Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump Swears Her Rose Garden Makeover Is Art

Melania Trump’s renovation of the White House Rose Garden took a decisive stance against roses, foliage, trees, colors, or the general concept of a “garden,” a fact that Stephen Colbert was keen to talk about when she (or rather, Laura Benanti’s FLOTUS) swung by The Late Show last night. You think it was too extreme? Bummed that Jackie Kennedy’s very own crab-apple trees were chopped down for, we don’t know, more natural light so the president can stare into the sun again? Melania insists that she knew exactly what she was doing. The ground was way past its expiration date. “It hadn’t been cleaned in years. Underneath all of those was dirt everywhere,” she explained. “I used my own technique called reverse Marie Kondo. I look at something and if it sparks joy, I kill it.” And besides, “there’s just something about roses that have reminded me of my husband. Because they smell and they have tiny pricks.” But no stinkweeds, though. Interesting.

Laura Benanti’s Melania Swears Her New Rose Garden Is Art