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Lifetime Enters the Millennium, Announces First LGBTQ Holiday Movie

A previous Lifetime film, Twinkle All the Way. Photo: Lifetime

Time to spam the official Lifetime Instagram page, Sara Lee style. Lifetime has announced plans to premiere its very first LGBTQ holiday film, a decision that its prudish network rival, Hallmark, has consciously avoided pursuing for themselves. TVLine reports that the movie, titled The Christmas Set-Up, will feature two male leads who are on the receiving end of a mutual friend’s matchmaking skills while visiting their hometown for the holidays. Hugo, a corporate lawyer in New York, and Patrick, an ex-Silicon Valley dweller, have an “undeniable” attraction that stems from a childhood friendship, but when Hugo “receives word of a big promotion requiring a move to London, he must decide what is most important to him.” Casting is underway for both gents, and the film is on track to premiere during the upcoming holiday season. In 2019, Lifetime received praise for doing the bare minimum with the yuletide film Twinkle All the Way, which featured the network’s very first same-sex kiss. Hallmark, on the other hand, tried to censor a gay wedding planning ad.

Lifetime Enters the Millennium, Announces LGBTQ Holiday Film