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Netflix’s Away Trailer: Mars Needs Moms, But Dammit, So Do We

Space: the final mom tear. Hilary Swank stars in the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming drama series Away, from creator Andrew Hinderaker, executive producer Jason Katims, and showrunner Jessica Goldberg, and she definitely didn’t win two Academy Awards for unsuccessfully making us cry. In a series that looks like a sci-fi adventure and feels like This Is Us … in Space, Swank’s astronaut Emma Green must grapple with both technical calamities and the pain of being apart from her husband Matt, played by Josh Charles, and daughter Alexis, portrayed by Talitha Bateman, for the three years required by a round-trip mission to Mars. As if having your mom in space for most of high school wasn’t hard enough, it looks like Alexis will also have to deal with Matt’s unexpected medical issues. Still, that ball of molten fire definitely wins for worst professional hazard. Away debuts on Netflix September 4.

Netflix Away Trailer: Mars Needs Moms, But Dammit, So Do We