Each Generation Will Receive Their Own Nutty Professor Remake in Time, and That Time Is Now

Photo: 2000 Universal Studios via Online USA

To everything, there is a season. A time for living, and a time for dying, and, most important, a time for rebooting The Nutty Professor with a hot, new comedic star. According to Deadline, Project X’s James Vanderbilt, William Sherak, and Paul Neinstein, the trio producing the upcoming Scream 5, have recently obtained the rights to the 1963 version of the film starring Jerry Lewis, which was, of course, rebooted in 1996 as an Eddie Murphy vehicle.

The Nutty Professor, as each generation learns when it is their time, follows the adventures of a kind but socially inept scientist who invents a serum to transform himself into a suave, chaotic hunk named Buddy Love, whom the aforementioned scientist must eventually defeat after Love goes rogue. The original screenplay, penned by Lewis and Bill Richmond, was written as a parody of Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 sci-fi novella Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There is currently no specific talent attached to the new reboot, which begs the question: Would anyone object to just another round of Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor movies?

It Is Time for Gen Z to Receive Their Nutty Professor Remake