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On the Rocks Trailer: Bill Murray and Rashida Jones Have a Father-Daughter Adventure

Quick, grab whichever parent hovers while you’re working from home and watch the On the Rocks trailer together. Sofia Coppola stages Bill Murray and Rashida Jones as a chaotic daddy-daughter duo with a shared passion for liquor in the latest from A24. When Jones, a busy mom of two, says her husband (Marlon Wayans) has been going on a lot of business trips, her dad (who seems to have been going through a midlife crisis for quite some time now — see the red convertible) suggests they go stealth mode to suss out the truth. “He’s not like you,” she replies initially. “He’s a good guy, a great dad.” But sneaking suspicions change her mind. With Pop’s expertise in tow (“There’s the Plaza,” Murray delivers like an FBI agent on a stakeout. “This is the place to have an affair. It has the most exits”), they dash around New York City looking for the truth. Throwback to when whisking around the city was something we could just do. On the Rocks is out in theaters and on Apple TV this October. Well, hello, let’s drink to that.

On the Rocks Trailer: Rashida Jones and Bill Murray Take NYC