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Like Oh My God the Season Two-Trailer for PEN15 Is Here

The very funny, Lonely Island-produced, and Emmy-nominated PEN15 is back very soon, and today Hulu dropped the trailer for season two. Created by and starring Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, the show is slated to return to Hulu in September, and the upcoming 14-episode season looks, like, really good judging by the clip. The trailer features Maya and Anna going to a really cool pool party, practicing make-out sessions, crushing on boys, masturbating, dealing with family drama, and, like … maybe smoking some pot? Unclear. What is clear is that these two are still best friends forever and are dealing with more problems while being, as Anna says, “hormonal!” PEN15 is back in action on Friday, September 18.

Like Oh My God the Season Two PEN15 Trailer Is Here